STEP 1: Visit in your browser

STEP 2: Click "Login or Register here"

STEP 3: Click Register

STEP 4: Select registration type (Customer or Vendor)

STEP 5: Fill up registration form (Click Register)

STEP 6: Login with username or email

STEP 7: Select dashboard menu

STEP 8: Select settings to update profile

STEP 9: Upload your company banner

STEP 10: Upload your profile photo

STEP 11: Upload your products with photos.

STEP 12: Select add products

STEP 13: Upload product photos

STEP 14: Save and add product.

STEP 15: You can view, edit and delete products here.

STEP 16: View your store and share it!

STEP 17: Select "Share"

STEP 18: Select Social Media channel

STEP 19: Continue to post in social media

STEP 20: Select a product to share

STEP 21: Select social media channel to share your product.

STEP 22: Continue to post product in social media.

STEP 23: Add products to cart and checkout

STEP 24: Fill up profile or Login

STEP 25: Select Place Order

STEP 26: Order successful.

STEP 27: Order Slip goes to customer and vendor